IWC Replica Watches For Father’s Day

One day a year is set aside for one of the most important people in our lives: our fathers. Whether you’re a father, or just someone that celebrates them, IWC Schaffhausen would like to wish a happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there.

To celebrate, we are paying homage to three of our favorite Dads – all proud fathers and Replica IWC Portuguese Watches fans. We posed one question to each of them: How does your appreciation for timepieces relate to fatherhood? Here’s what they had to say:

“As far back as I can remember my Father appreciated the craftsmanship of a fine watch – both as an everyday tool and statement of style. As I grew up I followed along with his interest and started a collection of my own, slowly acquiring what caught my eye. As someone who works in a 100% digital environment, I have a great appreciation for the IWC Portuguese Replica Watches beauty and complexity of a purely mechanical movement that can maintain a high level of precision as the result of some simple mechanical principals.

As a newly minted father, I’ll watch my son grow up in a world of “all digital all the time,” and I look forward to being able to share my love for such precision & craftsmanship (not that of microprocessors, but that which relies on balances, springs and bearings) with my son and exploring horologic history that stretches back over 500 years. Having an interesting timepiece was part of my father’s identity, is part of my identity and I hope to pass along the two generations of appreciation of timepieces along to my son, Declan. However right now he’s way more into just putting my Big Pilot into his mouth.”

“I view my watch hobby as something to be passed down to both of my children, and thus I actively encourage them to learn about the timepieces I own and share in the delight that they bring me. It’s not all fun and games, however. Watch collecting teaches responsibility and it requires respect; not only for the value of the pieces, but also for the delightful alchemy of art and science that goes into creating these mechanical masterpieces. Indeed, the latter half of this equation informs the constant joy of discovery that goes part and parcel with horology, whether it’s of a new manufacturing process, or perhaps insight into the workings of a perpetual calendar. To me this is more than worth the price of admission, and if my children can learn to find the same joy in a constant-force escapement that I have, then it was all worthwhile.

These are valuable lessons for a young mind, and as a legacy, I hope to impart them to both my son and my daughter. To wit, before my son mastered speech he could point out a crown and a timing bezel and knew their functions; as for my daughter, she can name all my watches.  Most importantly, however, they both know an IWC when they see one.”

“During this Father’s Day weekend, I look back at the wonderful years that my oldest daughter, Katie, and I have shared. Although now separated by thousands of miles, with her living in Los Angeles and me in New York City, we communicate frequently, discussing our many mutual interests. At an early age Katie showed signs of being like her father!

Katie and I share an affinity for business, world travel and Swiss timepieces. While my interest in watches grew in high school, Katie’s grew during her college years. Upon graduation, when asked by her parents what she would like for a present, it was a luxury timepiece that she found while traveling overseas. That was her awakening to Swiss watches. Most recently, she has been researching the IWC Da Vinici and Portofino families.

We have shared our passion for travel and watch talk (with some buying as well) on trips from Hawaii to Ireland. It is one of the ways that we connect with each other. Now, when we get together she wants to know about the latest IWC addition to my collection, and we have a good laugh about which ones I’ll be passing on to her.”

It is stories like these that prompted the idea behind the IWC Pilot’s Watches for Father and Son.

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