Replica IWC Watches Volvo Ocean Race: Sailing Meets Hurling in Galway

The zzam and her crew may have arrived in Galway, the Replica IWC Watches final stop of the Volvo Ocean Race, but the activities continued with in-port racing, celebrations around the city, and the opportunity to meet some notable locals. As Adil Khalid shared with us last week “The Irish are always so warm, hospitable and welcoming”, and they did not disappoint.

Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing’s team were introduced to fellow athletes and “Galway hurling royalty”, the Connolly brothers. The four of them: Joe, John, Padraic and Murth, along with three other brothers, won the 1980 All-Ireland Club Championship representing their team, Castlegar.

 Hurling legends the Connolly brothers salute Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing’s Irish bowman, Justin Slattery of Cork

Like competitive sailing, hurling is comprised of teams playing against each other, in what is considered to be the fastest on-field play (although compared to battling waves in the Swiss IWC Replica Watches, that may be up for debate!).

The brothers spoke at length with Azzam’s bowman, fellow Irishman Justin Slattery, about teamwork: “We know a lot about what it means to be a team, and how you rely on others to find that winning formula…” shared John Connolly. He went on to lead his brothers (along with the Azzam’s faithful crew) to a second place finish in the Galway Pro-Am.

The Connolly brothers – Padraic (far left), John (inside left), Murt (centre left) and Joe (far right), with cousin John Conneely (inside right) – with Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing’s Irish bowman, Justin Slattery of Cork, and the Abu Dhabi falcon. 

To understand teamwork, dedication, and continuous innovation is a universal trait amongst world class athletes – and it is here that stars of two very different sports can converge and collaborate.

At IWC Schaffhausen we also understand the need to utilize teamwork in order to the search for new materials, and technical ingenuity to continually move our products and our work forward. World class results – be they in the fiber of a boat or the precision of a timepiece – require an absolute dedication to being the best.

We have been followig what we consider to be the best sailing crew, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, for nine months and with the race complete, so is our coverage. Not to fear there will be more athletic pursuits we will bring you, as well as updates on what the Azzam and her crew will endeavor next.